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Origin Coffee and its Originality

When it comes to authenticity, #Origin coffee stands out on the market. In the coffee world, the origin of the grain is an identity that reassures us of a quality standard and some other characteristics.

Origin coffee is a term used to make it known that the grain in question comes from a particular country, producer, region or lot. This ensures that the product comes from a place where it receives special care.

In recent years, Colombian coffee has received international certifications such as Protected Geographical Indication, Name of Origin and Certification Mark. These certificates can give certainty to the consumer that the product at hand comes exclusively from Colombia and therefore has the unique characteristics of the grain, soil and growing, drying and roasting conditions on which the Colombian villagers tread. product.

In fact, certain regions in Colombia have their own Names of Origin and are protected by the Industrial and Commercial Inspectorate:





However, why is it important to know that your coffee has the Colombian Denomination of Origin?

Origin #coffee is obtained from small batches of coffee of different varieties, each of these batches is processed with special care and processed separately, because it has certain characteristics that make its coffee a particular coffee, that is, original coffee.

These features in the flavor of coffee have greatly influenced the current way of consuming coffee, because each specialty coffee offers very different qualities from the other, allowing new experiences to be brought to the palate even in each cup.

It's all about recognition. Colombian is recognized worldwide as one of the best soft coffees in the world, and its consumer is looking for coffee to enjoy a product with these quality standards.

Origin coffee allows coffee growers to reinvent themselves as coffee producers who have succeeded in bringing a coffee with certain qualities to the market.

In addition to the seed and care that the coffee grower puts into small batches, the environmental context, excellent elevation, soil conditions, legacy of over 300 years of coffee tradition are all reasons why a batch of coffee can be made. It is called the origin coffee because its "identity" is famous.


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