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New Year's Latte

You can crown your joy with coffee by preparing christimas-themed lattes for your New Year's table. All you need is a Bar Top espresso and milk frother. In our previous articles, we talked about how milk is foamed. #Latte making is quite easy;

Prepare the #espresso.

Pour the milk into the jug. Make sure your stea wand cloth is damp.

Empty the steam wand and pull it up and straight. Position the jug so that it aligns with the steam wand. Make sure the nozzle of the steam wand is in the middle of the pitcher and just below the surface of the milk. Then tilt the jug a little to optimize the steam wand.

Swipe on the steam bar. Start the tip just below the surface, but after a second or two raise the pitcher slightly so the tip goes deeper. Make sure the nozzle does not touch the bottom of the jug!

Find the perfect position where the milk swirl is created. Continue heating the milk until it reaches +55-62C. If you do not have a steam wand, you can foam it with a french press.

Swirl the milk in the jug until it is smooth, silky and shiny.

Slowly pour your milk cream by tilting the cup in which you put the espresso at an angle of 45 degrees and give it the shape of a pine tree when it is close to full. You can decorate your pine tree with pistachio and cherry powders.


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