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Methods of Frothing Milk for Coffee

One of the wishes of those who love coffee with milk is to make #milk #foam at cafe level. Who of us doesn't like that dark creamy milk that adds softness to #coffee?

So what are the methods of making milk foam? Top Roasters has brought together alternatives where you can make your own milk foam everywhere.

French Press is not only for brewing filter coffee, but also for making milk foam. For this, just put the milk at the rate of 3/1 into the French Press and quickly pull the piston up and down. If you want denser foam, you can choose whole milk. If you don't have a French Press, you can get the same consistency by shaking it in a jar.

It is possible to froth your milk with a hand mixer. But you need to make sure that the milk does not cool.

Tiny beaters are one of the alternatives used to froth milk recently.

If you want to get a more professional foam at the same rate as the cafe, you can create wonders with espresso machines.

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