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Making Flavored Coffee with Aeropress

If you're fussy about coffee and hate having grounds in your mouth while sipping your favorite brew, but want to prepare your coffee quickly, then #AeroPress coffee may be for you. .

AeroPress coffee, a gravity-defying mechanism that looks like it came straight out of the space age, is a fairly recent addition to many of the coffee brewing methods people use today. In fact, it was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, president of Aerobie, maker of the Guinness World Record-holding flying frisbee of the same name.

AeroPress Coffee Making: Parts

Making coffee from the AeroPress is not rocket science. The French press uses the same principles behind coffee. However, AeroPress has a few distinct differences from its previous counterpart. This includes the use of disposable paper filters, finer ground coffee and a shorter brewing time of 20 to 30 seconds resulting in a stronger and less acidic cup.

AeroPress comes with several easy-to-assemble components. There's the AeroPress itself, which consists of a good-grade plastic plunger and chamber, the cap at the end of the plunger, and the filter you put in the cap. Accessories include a coffee scoop measure, a shovel for mixing, and a funnel for scooping your coffee grounds into the hopper.

Two Ways to Make AeroPress Coffee

There are two ways to make AeroPress coffee: One is the original method, which is simple and straightforward. The other is the inverted method, which is impressive but still pretty easy. This second method requires the coffee to brew for a little longer. However, both ways lead to a more robust yet crispy cup of coffee similar to espresso.

Let's play around with both methods to see which one you like best.

Original Method

Step 1: Heat the water. In a kettle, boil the water. When it starts to boil, turn off the heat and set the kettle aside for about a minute so your water will be somewhere between 175F and 195F.

Step 2: Grind your coffee. As a rule of thumb for great tasting coffee, use freshly ground beans. So grind your coffee while your water is boiling. For 2 cups of #AeroPress, you need to measure 2 AeroPress scoops of coffee beans in your grinder. You're aiming for a fine grind similar to what you'd use for drip coffee.

Step 3: Prepare the AeroPress. Place your filter in the basket or on the lid. Next, preheat the brewer by running hot water from your AeroPress and filter into your cup. Then empty the rinsed water in your glass. This step is important to heat everything up to get rid of the paper filter aroma and maintain your optimum temperature while brewing.

And while you're here, you can warm up your mug, too.

Step 4: Add your coffee. Mount the filter basket on the bottom of the brew chamber and place it over your glass. Then use the AeroPress funnel to add your freshly ground coffee.

Step 5: Pour out your water. Be sure to remove the funnel before pouring the hot water into the chamber. Make sure to saturate the entire floor within 10 seconds and continue pouring until the hopper is almost full.

Step 6: Mix. Briefly mix the ground and water using the paddle that came with your AeroPress. This should not take more than ten seconds.

Step 7: Press it. Wet the rubber seal and insert the plunger into the chamber. Press the plunger down in one smooth motion. The piston will slowly sink into the chamber and apply pressure to the floor in at least twenty seconds.

Step 8: Serve. Remove the AeroPress when it pushes the plunger all the way down and serve your coffee.

Reverse Method

Step 1: Assemble AeroPress. In this method you have to mount the AeroPress upside down. You should put the plunger in the chamber and turn it before installing the cover or filter basket.

Step 2: Heat your water and grind your coffee. In this step, you heat your water to the boiling point and then take it off the stove. The same ideal temperature between 195F and 175F should be met. Also, your coffee should still be freshly ground with the same texture as drip coffee.

Step 3: Put the coffee in the hopper. Pour your coffee grounds into the hopper using the AeroPress funnel. Follow this with hot water, following the guide for the amount of coffee you have and how many servings you want to make.

Step 4: Mix. Stir the coffee grounds and water mixture once using the paddle. Then let your coffee brew for 1 minute. If your coffee is very weak, you can extend the brewing time for a few more seconds; if it is too strong, your brewing time should be shorter.

Step 5: Install the filter cover. Place the filter cover or filter basket and be sure to screw it tightly onto the AeroPress chamber to prevent leakage.

Step 6: Do the flip and press. Carefully turn your AeroPress upside down and place it on the cup or jug. Then, press the plunger down in one smooth, gentle motion, similar to how you would dive using the original method.

Step 7: Serve and enjoy. Press the piston all the way down After removing the p coffee, you can start serving and enjoying freshly brewed, full-bodied and richly flavored AeroPress coffee.


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