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Learn how to make Café Americano the right way!

Turks are passionate about traditional coffee. We love this drink so much that we find it strange even when prepared in a way we are not used to drinking coffee.

Another person who is completely in love with coffee is the Americans. And if you believe that traditional American coffee is espresso complete with water, you are wrong.

How about learning how to make Americano at home?

Choose your favorite coffee bean

The preparation of a good American coffee always begins with the selection of the bean to be used in the filter. If you have a grinder at home, it is ideal to always take the whole bean and grind it just before preparing the coffee. If you do not have a grinder, buy the powder ready-made, but always remember to store it in a closed container, away from light and contact with air.

The choice of coffee beans for this drink will vary according to your taste. There are sweeter, stronger, milder and more acidic options. On the vast majority of labels you can find this information about the product you purchased.

Use the paper filter (or electric coffee machine)

You will use the filtering method to prepare American coffee. It can be made with the help of hot water and a paper filter, or in an electric coffee machine (which uses the same principles).

Add the desired amount of coffee powder to the paper filter (remember the more powder, the more concentrated it will be) and then apply hot water to prepare the drink. Pay attention to the temperature of the water: it should not be too hot, as this can affect the taste of your coffee. Therefore, after the water boils, wait a few minutes to “run” the drink.

Sıcak su ve kağıt filtre yardımıyla veya elektrikli kahve makinesinde
Sıcak su ve kağıt filtre yardımıyla veya elektrikli kahve makinesinde

Serve hot or cold in a mug

Americans like to consume the filtrate in large mugs or glasses (the name given to the thermal containers used to carry the beverage) because it is a smoother and easier-to-drink coffee.

The ideal, therefore, is to serve it hot in your home as well. Adding some ice might also be a good idea for those who like iced coffee (unless you want to try real Cold Brew someday).

It's important to remember that American coffee has a mild flavor, but that doesn't mean it's "weak coffee." The amount of caffeine in these drinks is also high. Therefore, consume with caution to avoid gastrointestinal upset.

Do you have a habit of consuming traditional American coffee? Or do you prefer Brazilian coffee? Learn about other ways to taste your coffee according to other cultures. Check out our article on the subject!


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