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Kopi Luwak; Civet Coffee

When it comes to coffee varieties out there, Kopi Luwak is in a class of its own as it owes its existence to the digestive system of a civet cat. They are only found in Southeast Asia. They live extensively on Indonesia's famous coffee islands, Sumatra and Java, where they contain the raw, ripe fruit of coffee trees.

#Coffee cherries pass through the gut of the civet cat, where the fruit is absorbed. The bean, the real coffee bean, remains undigested and is discarded. As part of the digestive process, natural enzymes ferment the coffee beans. Fermentation is one of the oldest, natural and industrial methods of preserving certain foods and enhancing their flavor. In the coffee world, the fermentation process, better known as wet processing or washing, is standard procedure. The civet does the same job as the machine. However, since it is a living being, it can only produce a limited amount per day. Suddenly, there is a factor of exclusivity for fermented green coffee that needs further processing and roasting. Kopi luwak is actually the name of a protected area. #Kopi means coffee in Indonesian and the second word #Luwak refers to the animal involved in the production. The flavor profile of kopi luwak is often described as having "forest" notes.

Medium bodied, light chocolate delicate spice,

Green, grassy notes,

There is little to no acidity.

It is one of the most expensive coffees in the world.


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