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Kenya AA Plus - Filter Coffee


Creamy sweetness of blackcurrant jam, blackcurrant and vanilla.

Specialty Coffee Association Score

SCAA: 87.75 (formerly 86)


#Kenya Karit AA Plus

single origin

100% #Arabica, Specialty #coffee

Process: Sorted and hand washed

Altitude: 1495m

Variants: SL28 & Ruiru 11

The rich red volcanic soils of the central region are known to produce some of Kenya's best coffee.

Kianjege Coffee Factory is located in Kirinyaga District, Central Province, Kariti District of Ndia Division, near Karatina Town.

It was established in 1987 and is built on 7 acres of land serving the villages of Nyagathi, Nyangio and Kimathi. This delicious AA Plus coffee is hand graded primarily for green and ripe cherries to ensure every bean is the best it can be - "AA" quality.

"AA" refers to grains at least one inch wide and AA Plus is the highest quality measure available in this area. Round and creamy body with a very bright citric acid. Notes of cane sugar and the creamy sweetness of blackcurrant jam and vanilla.


How many cups of coffee can I drink in the size of the bag I bought? Of course, these amounts will vary depending on how hard you like your coffee, how you brew your coffee and finally the size of your cup!

250g – 15 cups

500g – 30 cups

1Kg – 60 cups


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