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International Coffee Day - October 1, 2021

World International Coffee Day takes place on 1 October each year.

Making a daily journey from tropical Africa to the breakfast mugs of homes around the world, coffee beans have been scattered around the world for over 600 years, and getting them ready for consumption is an example of great metamorphosis. Humanity prepares coffee for many presentations: drinks, candies, medicines and even some ancient civilizations used it as currency! No matter how you take it, coffee can energize you, warm you up, refresh you, keep you awake and even reunite with your loved ones.


According to historical records, Coffee is originally from Ethiopia and its discovery in Africa comes with an interesting story. Around 700 AD, a herd of goats started acting strangely, as if they were dancing. Their owner, Kaldi, discovered that they were eating a type of red bean and concluded that this was the reason for their behavior. Kaldi decided to share his findings with a monk who needed something that could help him stay awake all night while praying; but another story claims that the monk refused and threw the beans into the fire, and the pleasant aroma from it was wonderful.

In the 15th century, coffee suddenly made its way north to Yemen, where the beans came with the name "Mocha". They soon became known as "Arab Wine" in Egypt, Iran and Turkey, and coffeehouses began to be opened under the name of "Schools of Mind". Later, Arabia became the keeper of coffee, and these beans started a large-scale coffee farming in South India. In 1560, coffee spread throughout Europe and quickly became popular, until Pope VIII. Until Clement decides that this drink must be diabolical. Under scrutiny, he baptized the drink into its glory and declared it a Christian drink. As the 1600s came and coffeehouses proliferated all over Europe, beans followed the wave of colonization and found themselves in America. Finally, after a long hiatus among humanity, in 2014 the “International Coffee Organization” declared October 1st as International Coffee Day, an opportunity to celebrate coffee as a beverage and to draw attention to the plight of coffee growers.


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