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Ideal Complementary to Accompany Coffee; Chocolate

Let's be honest… who doesn't love #chocolate? Few people will answer negatively. Chocolate awakens passions in all its varieties and is one of those little everyday pleasures that few people want to give up.

Almost identical, #coffee is also a wonderful everyday pleasure that seduces millions of people around the world. But what happens when these two pleasures come together at the same time? The result couldn't be more enticing: coffee with chocolate. In addition, two crops often grown in the same tropical countries, where they have the perfect conditions to grow and offer the best quality.

There are many varieties of coffee, as there are many varieties of chocolate. Depending on the percentage of cocoa, chocolates can be more or less dense, sweet or bitter, crunchy or creamy. The taste can also change if you add milk, nuts, cream, flavorings or spices. So coffee and chocolate offer us a world of possibilities to create a pairing that we both enjoy more.


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