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How to Store Coffee?

There are many external factors that affect coffee. For this reason, there are certain rules for storing #coffee at home. So what should be considered when storing coffee at home?

Use an Airtight Container;

While it may be tempting to store coffee in a beautiful glass jar, your beans will last much longer if you use an opaque, sealed coffee pot.

Keep Coffee Out of Light;

You should store the beans in a cool, dark place as humidity, heat and light can cause the coffee to go stale. This can be a closet or pantry. You should also make sure that your storage area is away from potential heat sources such as ovens.

Don't Keep Coffee in the Refrigerator

It only takes a few minutes in the refrigerator for your coffee to start acting like baking soda, absorbing all the odors and flavors around it. Not only that, moist environment causes cheese, coffee beans to go stale. If that doesn't sound good, keep your coffee out of the fridge!

Check Roasting Date;

You should always check the roasting date before purchasing a bag of coffee beans, just as you won't be buying expired food. Also, keep in mind that super-fresh coffee releases carbon dioxide over several days, so it may not be immediately ideal for certain brewing methods.


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