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How Long Does Caffeine Stay in Your Body?

Have you ever woken up at night because of a cup of coffee you consumed too late in the afternoon? You're not the only one making this judgmental mistake. Many coffee drinkers do not know exactly how much caffeine remains in their bodies. While knowing about it can save many restless nights…

Caffeine is a substance that reaches your bloodstream quickly. Half of the caffeine is in your blood 3-4 minutes after drinking your coffee. This does not mean that you will notice the effects. This only happens after about half to 2.5 hours.

But how long does this substance stay in your body then? According to studies, the half-life of caffeine in a healthy individual is five hours. In other words, half of the caffeine remains in the body five hours after coffee is finished. Note that the five-hour half-life does not apply to every individual. Due to various physiological characteristics and environmental factors, the half-life range can be between 1.5 and 9.5 hours. For example, consider this:

• Kilo

• Size

• Pregnancy

• Whether someone smokes

It's entirely possible that six hours after you've had your coffee you'll still be full of energy and two hours later your coworker will be ready for a new load.

Determining the half-life of caffeine in your body is difficult. By carefully listening to your body, you can now make wise choices when it comes to drinking coffee at certain times. This will keep you from having a restless night. For example, do you drink a lot of coffee during the day and find it difficult to fall asleep at night? Then stop drinking coffee around 3pm. This gives your body time to break down as much caffeine as possible before you go to sleep at night. Stopping earlier will of course only be more effective. And still want to enjoy the delicious taste of coffee in the evening? Then you can have a good decaf coffee.


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