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Guatemala Finca Kalibus La Sierra

The #Sierra de las Minas region is also a complex mountain chain formation covering an area of ​​242,642 hectares (2,426 km2) with a complex and rich biodiversity and microclimate. It takes its name from jade, marble and other mines. In 1990, the Guatemalan government declared a protected biosphere area of ​​143,000 acres. Several Government Charities, both international and Guatemalan, are involved in its conservation and management. It is the habitat of 885 animal species including birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. There are 63 permanent rivers in the reserve. Its magnificent forest is filled with oaks, pines, pinabete (#Guatemala firs) and many other species as well as mushrooms, bromeliads, orchids etc. includes. Kalibus La Sierra begins its story, specifically on July 3, a few years before the Sierra de las Minas becomes a reserve. 1982. A coffee plantation integrated with habitat and ecosystem rather than a farm. Most of the #coffee business is developed in the buffer zone. Kalibus actively participated in the first workshop for the development and management of the new Sierra de las #Minas Reserve promoted by the University of Guatemala Del Valle. The farm also has an area to be written as a private nature reserve. Part of the farm is located in the core zone of the Sierra de las Minas reserve. Most of the trees planted on the farm are native trees of the region. Farm coffee is selectively harvested, washed with distilled water from on-site water sources, and then processed in the farm's wet mill. Many workers and their families benefit from farm work. Sustainability and respect for the ecosystem are strongly emphasized in farm management.


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