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Fresh Coffee and Stale Coffee Separation

Many factors determine the flavor of coffee. When and how the coffee is roasted, how long it is rested after roasting, how it is packaged are just some of these factors.

One of the biggest problems of coffee lovers when buying coffee is whether the coffee is fresh or not. There are many ways to make this distinction. In this article, we have brought together for you how to distinguish between fresh and stale coffee.

The freshness of the coffee;

From an intense aroma smell that comes when you smell it,

You can distinguish it from the roasting date on the label on the product.

The staleness of coffee;

From the alcohol-like odor that comes when you smell the coffee,

You can distinguish it from the taste of water when drinking.

One thing coffee lovers are mistaken for is the perception that freshly ground coffee will always be fresh, whereas the important thing is that the coffee bean is fresh.


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