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Favorite Books About Coffee

What better way to learn a lot about coffee in a short time than books about coffee? Top Roasters has put together the best coffee books for you.

Passion Cafe;

The book revisits the entire coffee chain and then moves on to more specific aspects of coffee preparation. In just a few pages, we give you an excellent overview of the essentials for making good coffee:

coffee selection




make espresso

quick presentation of latte art

You can also find information about coffee-related equipment (coffee machines, grinders, etc.). And this coffee book ends with a list of coffee-based recipes, ideal if you want to wow your taste buds!

But before that, the second large part of the book is devoted to different coffee producing countries. You will have access to the presentation of 32 different countries in the three main coffee producing continents of Africa, Latin America and Asia.

It's really interesting to have this book handy when discovering new coffees, because one can find information about the region where the coffee has been tasted. Also, the book presents the aroma wheel on a double page. Keeping this wheel in mind while tasting is very practical when trying to detect the aromas in the coffee you drink.

Coffee Is Not Rocket Science!

One of the coffee books recommended by many enthusiasts and professionals!

I really enjoyed browsing this book, which is really nice, clear and accessible to everyone. While there are some technical elements that are sometimes too extensive for a young coffee lover, it's still very interesting!

For example, we can really understand the need to pay attention to the little details (which seem unimportant to most people) to get the perfect espresso.

World Coffee Atlas

The first section is devoted to:

to the history of coffee

with coffee and different types of coffee

different post-harvest treatments


to extraction methods

The second part brings together a wealth of information about the different regions of coffee production. For this reason, at least 35 countries are presented very comprehensively in this book.


We learn how coffee is grown, as well as what types of coffee are, where it is grown and what its characteristics are.

If you want to learn how it tastes and be able to perfectly describe what it feels like to drink coffee, this book is for you (and a little practice too!).

The Story of Coffee;

Is coffee really the substance that drives history? Where was he born, through which paths did he come to us? Does western civilization owe its enlightenment to coffee? Stewart Lee Allen embarks on a caffeine-fueled adventure to find answers to these compelling questions.

From the villages of South Yemen, where coffee was first cultivated eight hundred years ago, to the cave-like coffeehouse where two Nobel Prize-winning Indians stopped for coffee... From the lounges and cafes of Paris, where the French Revolution started, to the roadside restaurants of America... Allen, who traveled three quarters of the world in the pursuit of coffee tells the history of coffee with a literary flavor.

"It takes the reader to ex-Ethiopian thugs, Parisian waiters, and fragrant coffeehouses from Turkey to Brazil. Beautiful to the last drop!" -Mort Rosenblum


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