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Differences Between Espresso and Filter Coffee

#Espresso is a type of coffee unique to Italy that is dark roasted, not as fine as Turkish coffee, but finely grounded.

#Filter #Coffee: Drip filter coffee, or simply 'filter' or 'drop' coffee, is made with hot (usually just below boiling) water, manually (by pouring) or through an electric filter machine, through ground coffee beans and then usually filtered through a filter.

Although espresso and filter coffee are perceived as very different products, they are actually produced from the same coffee bean. It is the nuances during preparation that distinguishes espresso and filter coffee from each other.

Filter coffee is ground coarser and brews longer at a lower temperature. Espresso has a very fine ground and is exposed to hotter water in a much shorter time. Additionally, espresso coffees are generally much darker roasted than filter coffees.

Filter coffee has a lighter acidity, while espresso is stronger.

A manual machine will be the right tool when preparing both coffees. It may take some time to create the correct setting on automatic machines.

Espresso is brewed at high pressure, while filter coffee is brewed slowly. Accordingly, the brewing time of filter coffee is long. Filter coffee is clearer than espresso.

Brewing equipment and filter paper are sufficient for filter coffee. Professional machines are used in espresso.


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