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Countries Consuming the Most Coffee; Current Ranking

Coffee is that beautiful beverage that is consumed all over the world, that cheers up conversations and meetings, and also invigorates people so that they can put on the best performance of the day.

There are countries where coffee consumption, like any beverage or food, is higher than others.

The amount of coffee per capita is not consumed in Mexico as much as in China or Argentina .

Ranking of countries by coffee consumption

Let's start with what interests you the most.

Who are the main coffee consumers in the world?

These statistics of coffee consumption in the world have been updated to 2021. These are the most up-to-date data we have available today.

Despite this, these data have not changed this year.

The table below measures countries by consumption (kilograms per capita) over a year.

Have you thought about finding your country among the main consumers of coffee?

This is mainly due to two major reasons:

European Union countries are the world's largest coffee importers, surpassing the rest of the world by 2:1.

This can be seen in the table below provided by the ICO (International Coffee Organization) and updated to 2021:

The other reason is:

Northern and Northern Hemisphere countries really need to resort to a hot beverage like coffee, due to their climatic conditions.

Coffee consumption in Spain

Spain currently consumes 4.5 kg of coffee per capita per year, which puts it far behind the main coffee consumers and equates to an average of 3.5 cups of coffee per day.

Despite this, there is an important coffee culture in this country and it is the country where coffee is consumed the most among the Spanish-speaking countries, even ahead of Brazil and Colombia.

Next we will see the ranking of countries that consume coffee in Latin America.

Those who drink the least coffee

Can there be countries that do not consume coffee?

At the other end of the table we can find countries without a caffeine culture .


Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Azerbaijan, China and Nigeria.

None of these countries can exceed 0.010 Kilograms of coffee per capita!

It is surprising to see Kenya, a world power like China and one of the countries where specialty coffee was born, on the list.

Coffee consumption in Turkey

Turkey is one of the developing countries in the field of coffee. While the per capita consumption amount of coffee was 350 g until 10 years ago, this amount was determined as 1.1 kg in 2021.

Coffee consumption in Latin America

Now, when we look at the list of countries according to coffee consumption, we see that no Latin American country has entered the ranking.

This time the statistics are about cups consumed per day in each country.

The main consumer of coffee in Latin America is Brazil. Colombia and Chile follow.

Coffee consumption in Argentina

It's surprising to see Argentina so low, but there's an explanation for that too. In Argentina and Uruguay, coffee consumption is reduced by a semi-direct competitor drink. This competitor drink is known as Mate. mate; Popular on the Río de la Plata, it's the classic drink to get you through the day.

Coffee consumption in Mexico

In Mexico, one of Latin America's leading exporters, the trend shows that coffee consumption will increase significantly thanks to the new culture surrounding coffee in that country.

This will happen in most Latin American countries, even some that are not listed, such as Ecuador or Peru.

World coffee consumption infographic results

Countries like the United States and Italy (which has a great coffee tradition) are not among the top 20 coffee-consuming countries in the world.

Many of these data collected from international organizations are particularly surprising and also open a glimmer of hope for new flavors and new trends to emerge in terms of coffee consumption around the world.


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