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Coffee Scale

There are many nuances in the preparation of coffee: different varieties, processing, roasting, grinding, preparation method and proportions of coffee and water. Even half a gram of beans can change the taste of a cup of coffee both positively and negatively.

You need a scale to accurately follow the recipe and brew coffee consistently from time to time. Unlike a spoon, they are much more accurate and more convenient. After all, when preparing a drink with scales, we measure not only the amount of coffee, but also the water.

Next, we will talk about how the scales are arranged and how they differ, as well as show the most popular models in different price categories.

scale device

Scales are mechanical and electronic:

In mechanical devices, the weight is distributed over a small calibrated spring that pushes the scale pointer with the desired force.

Strain gauges are built into electronic balances - small plates. They are mounted evenly under the weighing platform. When something is placed on the scale, the sensors deform and create electrical resistance. This resistance is read by a strain gauge and sent to the motherboard. Based on the sum of all indicators on the board, the scale shows the weight.

At the heart of the strain gauge is a strain gauge. The working principle is similar to this. More resistance, more weight:

Electronic balances are much more common than mechanical balances because they are more accurate. Mechanical scales error - 1 gram, and electronic - 0.1 grams. However, the loss or excess of even 1 gram of coffee can make coffee taste worse.

Note that ordinary kitchen scales for cooking, although electronic, often have an error of 1 gram. Such scales are better than nothing, but if possible, it is better to replace them with more accurate ones.

Scale functions

As a rule, any electronic coffee scale has a standard set of functions: tare, timer and automatic shutdown. This does not mean that this set is vital, but it greatly facilitates cooking. If you choose scales, make sure they are.

open tab

This function allows you to reset the weight value even if something is on the scale. This is useful, for example, when you have a cup with a pouring funnel on the scale, but you want to pour the exact amount of coffee into it, then reset the scale again and pour the full amount of water.


The built-in timer simplifies the cooking process. This is not a critical feature because every phone or smartwatch nowadays has a timer. However, the timer on the scale eliminates the need to use an additional gadget just for the sake of the timer.

auto shut off

During the cooking process, it's pretty easy to forget to turn off the scale. If this happens, their batteries can drain quickly. This, of course, is not a tragedy, but a nuisance. The auto-shutdown feature will save you from that.

In addition to the standard set, there may be other functions. It depends on the purpose and type of scales. For example, there are ordinary electronic scales, there are smart scales, and there are scales specifically for #espresso - they are smaller, so you can place them under the coffee cups when making coffee


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