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Coffee Equipment; Precision Balance

Brewing coffee is truly a process that is both enjoyable and demanding. One of the most important points you should pay attention to while experimenting to find the right flavor is the correct calculation of the coffee and water ratio. What you need at this point is a precision balance that gives accurate measurement.

Advantages of using precision scales;


Finding the right ratio of ground coffee to water is extremely important. According to experts, anything between 1:15 and 1:19 (coffee: water) ratio is considered ideal. To make a good cup of coffee, we recommend the 1:16 rule. However, everyone will have different preferences, so try to find the ratio you like.

Other than that, different beans will have different densities and only a weighing measurement can ensure the ratio is accurate. That's when a good coffee scale comes to the rescue. It gives you full control over the specific amount of coffee and water used. You'll never have to second guess how much coffee and water you'll use again.


With a good coffee scale that comes with a timer, you'll never have to worry about the right amount of brew time ever again. Not only does it save time trying to measure the "correct" amount of water, it also allows you to make precise coffee with the built-in timer.


Of course, you can use a tablespoon and cup measure. If you don't want to learn about rates and chemical reactions, switching to low tech may be good enough for you. However, keep in mind that your ratios may not always be exactly right and this will reflect on the flavor of your coffee. Coffee grounds may settle on your spoon, and you may not notice that the amount of water is not correct.


Using the scale can also help you enjoy the process more. It allows you to properly develop and improve your coffee drinking experience. With a good scale, you will be able to try different ratios and learn more about your preferences.

After trying it a few times, you will understand your tastes better. You can start adjusting the amount of coffee or water used, the brewing time, and even the type of brewing method.


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