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Coffee at Exam Time

Many people are in the middle of exam time these days. A few weeks when discipline , concentration and performance are more important than ever . To achieve this state and at the same time conserve energy, many students take #coffee as an excellent ally.

Much stronger than that found in tea leaves, guarana or cocoa, the caffeine in coffee is an ideal psychoactive ingredient for staying awake and studying during the long nights before an exam.

While very high doses can cause irritability, anxiety, dizziness or nausea, the caffeine in coffee combined with sugar is ideal for improving attention span, motivation, memory, learning and verbal ability. In addition, various studies confirm that caffeine, for example, has the ability to improve the brain's ability to detect grammatical errors during speed reading.

On the other hand, a study published at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA) showed that caffeine has a positive effect on the consolidation of long-term memory, so it is recommended to drink a cup of coffee immediately after finishing the study. , to help remember everything learned.


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