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Cheer up the Spring with Coffee!

Although people feel more relaxed psychologically in the spring, they also have to cope with the feeling of tiredness and weakness due to the change of seasons. In this case, many of us see coffee as a vitamin. They absolutely cannot live without them. You can cheer up with a cup of coffee, extend your workday or relieve stress with coffee aromas. Some also drink coffee to fall asleep... No one refuses a cup or two in the morning. Coffee contains some secrets that allow it to be popular at any time of the day?

"Caffeine deactivates the neurons of the brain, putting it in an excited state," says neurologist Evgeny Bulgakov. - On the one hand, such an effect has a positive effect on our brain, as it increases its efficiency. But on the other hand, it causes a mental disorder as it suppresses the action of adenazine, a substance produced in the process of metabolism in the brain that protects us from mental overload.

Dr. Opponents of Bulgakov's point of view are sure that this excitement has nothing to do with the mental reactions of a person, and explain that caffeine affects only those parts of the brain that are responsible for the central nervous system, and not higher nervous activity. In addition, according to research by German scientists, coffee is an excellent tool to prevent suicides. Also, the higher the daily dose, the lower the risk of suicide. True, the reason for this miraculous effect is not caffeine, but serotonin, also known as the "happiness hormone", found in coffee. And here's another view, it's time for spring!

Even in ancient Egyptian manuscripts it is written that the medicine can be harmful or beneficial, depending on the method of preparation. Modern scientists also do not see a fundamental difference between poison and medicine. According to pharmacology textbooks, any medicine turns into poison if its concentration in the body exceeds a certain therapeutic level. This rule can best be applied to caffeine and, consequently, to its main source, coffee. The main thing here is not to overdo it.

Natural coffee has less caffeine than granulated coffee, but natural coffee also has the ability to energize all day long. The main thing is to know what kind of coffee beans are used to make it. Arabic? Robusta?

Arabica coffee trees produce very high-class beans with an exquisite aroma and wonderful taste. However, in terms of caffeine content, this variety is described as softer. Robusta belongs to a subclass and is cheaper. But it has almost 2 times more caffeine. Arabica beans can be bought today not only in any specialized store, but also in the coffee departments of supermarkets.

However, in its pure form, Robusta, as a rule, does not go on sale for free. It is used where it is recommended to reduce the price or increase the caffeine content in the mixture. Predominantly, as they say, the correct ratio of Robusta and Arabica in the mix is ​​30 to 70% according to the expert. Only a specialist can determine the composition of ground coffee by eye. When purchasing coffee beans, the shape of the bean can serve as a guide. Aleksey Faleev explains: - There is a straight line in the middle of Robusta. At the same time, Arabica is generally larger.” Another advantage of coffee beans is that they can even visually determine the degree of roasting.

The most "refreshing" roast is lean or Viennese. Professionals recommend it to morning coffee lovers. The color of the drink made from such cereals is light brown, and sour tones are distinguished in its taste. Medium or French roast is good for coffee breaks. This type of coffee keeps the brain working, but not overloaded. Medium roasted coffee beans are dark brown in color and glossy with plenty of oil. When brewed, a dark drink with a pronounced bitterness is obtained.

The strongest roast is the Italian roast. It gives a dark brown color to the grains and increases oiliness. The drink turns out to be dark, even slightly "roasted" has a bitter taste, but at the same time very expressive and pleasant. This coffee is black, creamy, drunk at lunch or in the afternoon.

The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle led to the emergence of decaffeinated coffee in coffee varieties a few years ago. With such a drink, the heart beats evenly, blood pressure does not jump, and after that you will sleep well.


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