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Can You Consume Coffee While Taking Medication?

Coffee lovers simply cannot live without their favorite refreshing beverage. However, there are situations when a person is forced to give up coffee. For example, during illness you must follow a certain diet, both in food and drink. But how to do without a glass of fragrant drink? And is it possible to drink coffee while taking medication?

Taking any drug is the process of introducing various chemicals into the human body that react with other substances the body obtains through drinking and eating. Therefore, in order for the drug to be of exclusive benefit, a certain restriction is imposed on food during the treatment period. And if food does not interact so closely with drugs, then any liquid that a person drinks before or immediately after taking drugs, or drinks with drugs, "cooperates" with drugs begins in the mouth.

All doctors unanimously state that any fluid that interacts with drugs should only be neutral. Unfortunately #coffee is not like that. This beverage should not be taken with medication because of the substances in the drinks that increase the pressure on the heart system and increase the load. It is strictly forbidden to drink coffee while taking antibiotics, heart and stomach related drugs. The consequences may be irreparable.

And while taking other medications, it's best to avoid drinking your favorite beverage. In these cases, the effect on the body can be unpredictable. The body's response to such a combination has not been adequately studied. In some cases, the drink can activate the effect of drugs.


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