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5 Documentaries About Coffee You Must Watch

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If you like to spend time at home, we suggest some documentaries about coffee that will give you some flavor in your spare time. These are documentaries that those who have mastered the concepts of coffee can look at with love, but those who are at the beginning of the journey and want to learn about the process until the coffee reaches our cup. About the passion that gives it flavor. Take a nice coffee with you and enjoy watching! 1. Coffee Man (2016) The Coffee Man is a documentary about his passion for coffee. Released in 2016, the film was one of the most popular coffee-related documentaries at the time. At its center is Sasa Sestic, a Bosnian barista based in Canberra, Australia. A world champion barista, Sasa is recognized as a visionary leader in the coffee industry. The documentary reflects all stages of the specialty coffee world, from growing to drying, roasting and preparation. The story of coffee goes hand in hand with Sasa's life story, which is brimming with her passion for coffee and an almost obsessive interest in the whole process. The world of coffee is seen through Sasa's eyes and merges with the character he revealed on his journey to success at the World Barista Championship in 2015. Sasa is not alone in his journey. Witnesses and supporters of his passion for coffee, from his family and employees to the vendors he communicates with, are also here. To date, Coffee Man has been shown in over 400 locations in over 55 countries and translated into 12 languages. 2. Coffee Heroes (2020) Coffee Heroes is a documentary very close to The Coffee Man, actually its sequel. This time the main character is barista Agnieszka Rojewska (Aga), who accompanies her on her journey to two world premieres: the first female and first Polish winner of the World Barista Championship. The surprise comes with the presence of Sasa Sestic. After winning the World Championship in 2015, she becomes Agha's mentor on her journey. Two coffee experts join them on their journey to find the perfect coffee that will bring success to Ağa. Like The Coffee Man, this documentary invites us to a fascinating world with a barista who has a passion for every drop of coffee he prepares. The documentary premiered in Australia in August 2020 and will be available to watch worldwide from 28 November 2020. 3. Barista (2015) If you want to better understand the lesser known side of the coffee world, namely barista competitions, Barista is a good documentary to watch. After tasting the passion Sasa and Aga bring to the barista profession, Barista brings more passion, emotion and care to coffee. This time the story is about the 2013 United States National Barista Championships, where the top five baristas compete for the title in a competition where excellence is the standard. Competitors have 15 minutes to prepare three drinks: a cappuccino, an espresso, and a beverage of their choice. By watching the documentary, you have the chance to observe how everyone prepares the coffee and how everyone leaves a mark while preparing it. The enthusiasm these baristas bring to their craft will show you the unseen side of coffee and help you discover it in all its glory. 4. Women in Coffee (2016) Women in Coffee is a short but thought-provoking documentary. It depicts five leading women in the coffee industry to highlight the important role women play and the contribution they make in the industry. The story of the five women opens up a discussion about the relationships in the coffee production chain, the role of women as well as their rights. The life stories discussed are varied and complex, as are the roles played by the five women who chose to tell their stories – from the ownership of farm women in Latin America to other experiences they had in other roles: buyer, quality manager, barista. Although it focuses on the role of women in the coffee production chain, the documentary can provide insight and inspiration about the role of women in today's society. 5. Shade Grown Coffee (2020) Shade Grown Coffee is a documentary about sustainable coffee production, watched at all stages of the process. Coffee grown in the shade is coffee grown in the shade of trees. The documentary is not only for coffee lovers, but also for nature lovers. This is due to the approach that highlights the importance of coffee farms to local communities, as well as the relationship between humans and nature. Practically, growing coffee in the shade of trees means less deforestation and therefore greater conservation of biodiversity. Behind the documentary are hours of research into coffee and forests, as well as visits to farms in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama and Jamaica. We come to the cafes that prepare the coffees produced in this way from the farms where we can learn about the ins and outs of sustainable agriculture. This is to reflect on the choices we make and to understand that each of us, from the farmer to the final consumer, plays an important role in this process, a role that each of us must fulfill responsibly.

It is a new opportunity.From life stories and invitations to think about how important it is to be responsible for the passion in every cup of coffee, every coffee documentary will answer your curiosities about coffee making, bring you inspiration and confidence, make the day better! But most of all, we tell you that to guide you in your daily choices, the most important thing is to choose your own coffee that you want to put in your cup.


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