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Which Coffee to Drink in Which Cup?

As the varieties of coffee increased, coffee producers began to be more prominent. Apart from roasting the coffee and making it ready for use, the correct presentation of the coffee has also become one of its responsibilities. What type of cup to consume coffee in is one of the topics that have been wondering lately? The fact that the coffee does not lose its aroma is also related to the use of the right cup. Not every #coffee is drunk in every cup. Using the right cup increases the flavor of the coffee.

Which coffee is drunk in which cup?

Espresso; The cup should be in the shape of a cone. The coffee flows from its sloping side and prevents the formation of bubbles. It is usually consumed as a #espresso shot. Since it is a strong and intensely flavored coffee, it is served in small quantities and in small cups.

Filter coffee; The main feature of the filter coffee cup is that it keeps the coffee hot and is suitable for filling to the brim. These two nuances enhance the flavor of the coffee. Mugs, which are close to the style known as mugs, are very suitable for #filter #coffee presentation..

Cappuccino; The shape of the cup is similar to a pear and has a six-ounce volume. The bottom structure of the cup, namely its diameter, prevents the espresso taken into the cup before milk from rising. Thus, it provides a better visual and taste.

latte; It is the greatest form of coffee. It contains plenty of milk foam on it. For this reason, the mouth of the cup should be wide and it should be filled in such a way that it almost overflows.

Turkish coffee; Coffee is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to tradition in coffee. It requires great care from its production to its presentation. One of the most important features of #Turkish #coffee is that it has plenty of foam. For this reason, the structure of the cup should be suitable for adequate coffee intake and show the amount of foam. The coffee must fill the cup completely.


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