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The Golden Ratıo

Let's say you have a 16g portafilter.

Now, if you have a 16g #portafilter, you would expect 32ml espresso to be poured after adding 16g of ground coffee to your portafilter.

This is a guideline, not a rule, the bigger the portafilter the more grind and #espresso. The cafe has a 22g portafilter and we're running 22.5g in hopes of a 50ml extraction. You can adjust the guide according to your machine and preference, keeping this ratio as much as possible.

However, all this must be done within an extraction time of about 30-35 Seconds. Nearly every espresso coffee is made on a 30 Second timer for the golden ratio, with just the best output when placed against heat and pressure. Science tells us that coffee won't taste good if the extraction time is more or less than 30 seconds.

Now that you have your perfect golden ratio espresso and pour that beautifully crafted espresso into your cup. The best way to get the best flavors is to find an 8ml cup for your 1ml espresso. Adding 7 ml of water, milk, whatever to your 1 ml of espresso creates the perfect balance of coffee with respect to the additive ratio.

And this is a perfectly proportioned cup of coffee in its purest form. Now, remember that a larger cup will require more coffee, but as long as you follow the golden ratio, you can have the best coffee.

Golden Ratios for Espresso:

Portafilter – 2:1

Cup – 7:1


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