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Thanksgiving Coffee Guide

Preparing for a #Thanksgiving dinner can really take time. However, this long meal preparation cannot be done without the coffee of the day. We have a coffee recipe that will keep everyone in shape from the moment you start the day to the smell of the turkey you put in the oven.

First of all, you have a long day ahead of you. Whether you're taking charge of the food alone or just getting a boost from the couch, you'll need that intense caffeine rush to start your day. If making your #Chemex isn't the highlight of the morning, we recommend starting your coffee automatically this early.

Well… the turkey is in the oven and the potatoes are boiling. It's the middle of the day, it's starting to feel like nap time and you can choose to start preparing your coffee. Easy and fast #macchiatos can be preferred when you feel that the midday stillness is starting to show its effect. Take your espresso to about 25 g and add just a few ml of slightly warmed milk.

The day is drawing to a close. Dinner was made and dessert was eaten. At this point in the night, the family usually gathers in the living room to chat, watch movies or play board games. This is usually the time to make some vanilla lattes for everyone (vanilla steamers for kids). Fortunately, vanilla syrup will probably be the easiest thing to make today.

What you need:

1 glass of sugar

1 cup of hot water

1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract


Heat some water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Measure out a glass and mix it with sugar. Stir until all melts, add vanilla extract.

To make a vanilla latte, add some syrup to the glass with your espresso, steam your milk, and then add your love.


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