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How to Taste Coffee?

Coffee lovers may want to experience different coffees and even write it down and share it. Making #coffee #tasting is a process that takes a long time and requires practice.

When tasting coffee, you need to focus only on the coffee. Staying away from situations that will change your attention or taste will allow you to taste more effectively.

It will be a valuable resource for you to take note of every detail you notice while tasting the coffee.

Coffee tasting consists of five main elements.

These elements are;

#Sweetness; At this moment, it is understood how sweet and aromatic the coffee is.

#Body; The density and weight of the coffee felt in the mouth is discovered in this step.

#Acidity; It provides the clarity of the coffee. Even though acidity is thought to be a situation to be avoided, it is actually in the best coffees.

#Aroma; Coffee gets its aroma from the fruits grown in the soil where it grows. Therefore, there is a diversity in coffee aroma. Keeping a note of each flavor you take will help you compare it with the next ones and remember how you felt at that moment.

#Finish; It is the last point where the flavor left by the coffee on the palate is discovered. Some coffees stay on the palate longer, while others dissolve quickly.

are listed as. Coffee tasting is both delicious and enjoyable.


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