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How Does Coffee Affect the Immune System?

Perhaps each of us has heard that coffee is not the healthiest drink. For example, it can adversely affect the stomach and even cause gastritis. This is true, but only if you drink coffee a lot and often. After all, everything can also harm the body when consumed in large quantities. And for some it is contraindicated even in small doses.

In fact, scientists from all over the world still argue about both the benefits and dangers of coffee. Some blame it on the destruction of vitamins and minerals. In particular, American scientists from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center believe that coffee "kills" vitamin C, which is the main protector against viruses and bacteria. But, again, we are talking about excessive consumption of the drink.

At the same time, coffee has beneficial properties. For example, it acts as an additional source of antioxidants, which not only helps fight viruses, but even reduces the risk of dangerous diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

Conscious and reasonable consumption

As you can see, coffee can have a dual effect on the human body. To minimize all side effects, you just need to find the most suitable concentration for yourself. To do this, just listen to your body and our advice:

At least one glass of water for a cup of coffee. This is necessary to prevent dehydration. They also drink water to refresh their taste buds for a fresh sip: try it, it works.

The recommended 400 mg per day is ideal.

If you think that you are sick, you should give up coffee with sugar or sweets - this combination negatively affects the activity of the immune system. However, if at the moment everything is fine with your immunity and you need to work remotely every day, then a dose of glucose will not be superfluous.

Choose only fresh grain and a quality product. We wrote about how a non-expert would deal with this here.

Arrange fasting days - in this case, your favorite drink will certainly not hurt. And the pleasure of the first cup after the break will shine with new colors. It has been scientifically proven that each person develops a tolerance to coffee in different ways. Someone can get the positive effect of each of the 3-4 cups a day, the second cup does not bring much vitality and adrenaline for someone.

You can also support immunity in difficult times by adding turmeric and citrus fruits to your coffee. But keep in mind that this type of protection works mostly on a psychological level.

Hormone of happiness

In general, coffee alone does not affect the immune system in any way. Of course, health will not get stronger with every cup, but instant vitality and good mood are guaranteed. We can definitely say that it does not reduce immunity and certainly does not increase the risk of colds. And the complete rejection of your favorite drink can be a huge stress for connoisseurs - this is what makes the body truly vulnerable to viruses and bacteria!


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