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Filter Coffee or Granulated Coffee? Choose your side!

Countless #coffees are consumed during the day and these coffees vary widely according to the tastes of the people. There are filter coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, granular coffee and many more types of coffee. So, which coffees have the biggest difference in production style and brewing style among coffees? Both the production and preparation of filter and granulated coffee are completely separate from each other.

These differences are;

Production method; It is obtained by grinding filter coffee in accordance with brewing. Granular coffee is made into powder and crystallized by applying certain drying methods. While filter coffee is consumed in its most natural form, granular coffee is processed and made ready for use. The ground that is released after brewing in filter coffee is not consumed. In granulated coffee, on the other hand, since it dissolves directly after processes such as heating, freezing and compression, it is consumed with its grounds. Accordingly, filter coffee is healthier than granulated coffee.

Brewing Type; Many equipments are used as brewing in filter coffee. French press and moka pot, chemex are just some of these brewing methods. For granulated coffee, it is sufficient to add hot water to the coffee. Coffee dissolves quickly and is ready for consumption in seconds.

A cup of granulated coffee contains an average of 60-80 mg of caffeine. In filter coffee, this amount of caffeine is calculated as 90-120 mg. For those who want to consume more caffeine, filter coffee will be the right choice.


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