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Double Brewed Coffee; Filtering Coffee Twice

Brewing coffee and then brewing the brewed coffee again basically epitomizes #double-brew coffee. If this sounds crazy to you, you're not alone.

There aren't many people who know about #double brewed coffee.

After reading this article, you can go and brew it. We're sure after you've tried it, you'll agree that this isn't always the way you can (or even want) to brew coffee.

What Is Double Brewed Coffee?

Double-brewed coffee is the name given to coffee that is brewed in a way that strengthens it (both flavor and caffeine).

There are two ways to reach the “double” brewing quotient;

1. Brew your coffee up to twice the amount of coffee you would normally use.

Seems to be the popular method.

2. Brew your coffee using coffee instead of hot water – coffee brewed with coffee.

Why #Double #Coffee #Brew? What are the Benefits?

Yes, people actually brew their coffee that way, crazy I know, but they have their reasons too. It is mainly due to the need for additional caffeine or the stronger aroma that attracts people to brew coffee with coffee.

Most of us drink a cup of coffee for the caffeine, and the flavor is just a bonus. However, some people no longer get the energy they get from a regular cup of coffee, so they need to double down and make double-caffeinated coffee to feel the eye-opening effects they once did.

Essentially, by using this brewing method, you get at least twice as much caffeine as you double the amount of ground coffee you use or increase the caffeine level by changing the water for brewing and replacing it with coffee.

Stronger, More Concentrated Flavor

Darker, concentrated coffee is perfect for use in iced coffee recipes. However, there are much better ways to make cold brew coffee.

But if you're short on time or you have leftover coffee in your machine, it makes sense to brew twice to make iced coffee.

You'll get a much stronger iced coffee using double brew, here's why.

What's in the iced coffee?… Yes, you guessed it was “ice”.

What does ice do? Soluble.

If you were to use regular coffee, you would quickly realize that your iced drink is seriously lacking in the flavor department as it is diluted with melting ice.

This is where double-brewed coffee makes sense. The melting ice will help balance the bolder flavor, leaving you with a refreshing caffeinated beverage. You don't have to worry about the ice diluting the coffee becoming tasteless. Even a drop of milk won't hurt, and the coffee will still taste like your favorite strong drink.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, double-brewed coffee may be too strong for you.

What is the Best Coffee to Use for a Double Brew?

Lighter roasted coffee beans will likely be your best bet when doubling your brewing method. Good luck if you plan on using a dark french roast, it will leave you with a undrinkable cup of coffee.

If you really want to do this, why not try mixing a few different kernel variants? You can use different roasting combinations to achieve different flavor profiles and accentuate one flavor over another.

The Best Way to Make Double Brew Coffee

You have to decide what kind of coffee machine you want to use other than coffee beans. Again there are no rules here, so you can choose whatever you want.

For example:

Use an Automatic Dripping Machine followed by a French Press

Or use your AeroPress and then a Hario V60.


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