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Bulletproof Coffee

The latest trend in super coffee. #Leadproof #coffee is spreading all over the world. Added only 2 ingredients, this coffee will give you energy, focus, satisfy hunger for hours, make your skin shine and your hair shine brightly. The formula was discovered by Dave Asprey. Its combination with the highest quality coffee, pure, grass-fed butter and premium MCT oil has taken the world by storm.

Coffee gives you the caffeine you crave, but what good are butter and oil? The pure fats in the drink provide the good fats your body needs to keep your organs healthy and boost your metabolism. This combination and lack of hunger, along with a low-carb diet, makes the pounds melt away. This drink actually burns fat.

What's the purpose? It must taste bad!

Some people don't care about the taste. Others say it leaves an oily film in your mouth. But to reap the benefits, others have worked with the recipe and found something to live up to.

Adding some coconut oil to the glass gives it a nutty flavor. Blending with a high-speed, handheld blender transforms the oil into a frothy texture.

As long as you drink it fast, it will easily go down and remind you of an espresso.


No doubt once you feel the effects of bulletproof coffee you will be determined to find a way to bring it into your life.

Here are some tips:

use good materials

Sometimes a great coffee is worth the price. You can find more information on how to get the best coffee here.

Use unsalted butter

Make sure the butter you add is real butter and made from grass-fed. But also look for unsalted butter. This pure butter will be easier to consume and process.

give time

It's an acquired taste. No rush. Try different mixes and find a way to live together and enjoy the drink

build accordingly

You will add 2 teaspoons of pure oil to your coffee. If you do this all at once, your system will be cleaned. You should add some oil and build up in a few days.

How does it work?

You've probably heard of low-carb diets that limit the carbohydrates you can eat and increase your protein levels. This causes your body to burn stored fat because your fast fuel (carbs) is no longer getting in.

This diet is safe, but anything can be overdone. Follow the diet fully. Make it your job to take a supplement to boost your nutrition and your minerals and vitamins. If you have diabetes, this procedure should not be done without your doctor's approval.

There is little doubt that bulletproof coffee will be around for a while. Coffee lovers everywhere are breaking mixers and trying different coffee blends. When you find the flavor or aromas that suit you, you are on your way. Weight loss, high energy and mental clarity. What else does a person want?


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