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Blend: A Balanced Meeting of Coffees of Different Origins

#Blend: It is a balanced blend of coffees from different origins. Blending the coffees offers a more balanced and delicious drink option.

A coffee blend is coffee that consists of coffee beans sourced from more than one place. “Place” here does not simply mean different countries. This could mean a very micro-level separation, such as varying altitudes within the same production farm, or it could mean different regions of the same country or different small areas within the same production area. As you can guess from here, coffee blends can take on many shapes and forms.

Blending is done for many reasons and commercially can be the strategy of a coffee roaster. This could be to more easily meet a certain price point without sacrificing existing flavor or to more easily meet certain quantity requirements for their production. But the main reason for blending is to create a unique product by making use of different aromas.

Unlike a coffee blend, a single origin coffee comes from only one origin. The interpretation of origin varies depending on who is selling the coffee. Many coffee chains will call a coffee a single origin if all of the ingredient beans come from only one country. The problem with determining a single origin by country is the fact that most coffee producing countries will involve varying microclimates and conditions.

Coffee Blends Are Delicious and Consistent

For most of us, coffee is the beginning of our daily routine.

When properly boiled and roasted, coffee blends deliver a smooth, vibrant flavor over and over again without fail. This consistency of flavor is what coffee drinkers love and expect from a specialty coffee blend.

Brew with Ease at Home

Have you ever fallen in love with a coffee in a #cafe? But when you buy a package and brew it at home, it doesn't taste the same, does it?

You've probably purchased a single-origin coffee that may require a little more care and tampering to brew properly.

Coffee Roasters develop coffee blends to provide a seamless, repeatable cafe-to-home experience for customers. These mixes are easy to make at home, regardless of the brewing method.

Once you find your preferred brewing recipe for the mix, you can easily brew it at home every day.

Everyone Has a Coffee Blend

Some coffee drinkers prefer chocolate coffees with a soft mouthfeel, while others prefer fruity and floral coffees with a sharp acidity.

The beauty of coffee blends is that they offer an option for every type of coffee drinker, whether you're an adventure-loving coffee sipper or a routine consumer.

Go out and try different #coffee blends to see which flavors, roast levels and coffee properties you prefer the most.


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