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Barista Accessories

A good barista must first of all make a good espresso. Only this espresso and some accessories are needed for coffees that will derive from espresso.

Espresso machine;

A good #espresso machine can be the start of everything.

coffee grinder;

The grind thickness and fineness of the coffee is different for each type of coffee. That's why you need a coffee grinder.

Tamper: It is the tool for pressing the coffee for espresso.

compression mat; You need to use a compression mat to compress your coffee. Indeed, without it, you risk damaging your filter holder on the one hand and your counter on the other.

That's why the compression mat is one of the essential barista accessories. It ensures that sufficient pressure is achieved without fear of damaging anything. They are usually made of silicone for optimal working comfort.

There are different shapes, some have an angle to fit the edge of your countertop, some are just plain.

Stopwatch; Another important barista accessory is the stopwatch. And yes, the extraction of an espresso coffee should be done within 20 to 30 seconds. If you do not know how to count the seconds in your head with the greatest accuracy, it is better to have a stopwatch.

Extraction time is indeed an indicator that allows us to immediately guide us in case of bad results in the cup. Knowing it's sinking too fast or too slow, you'll know which elements to play with to get the timing right for the next extraction.

Carafe; The ideal is to have several jugs, not one, to adapt the capacity of the milk to the desired beverage. In fact, the jug must then be filled to a certain level to make more or less thick milk foam.

Depending on the drinks you will need a 30cl jug, for others you will need a 15cl jug. For example, we will not use the pitcher used for a large cappuccino for a piccolo latte.

Glasses and Cups; Baristas have a huge selection when it comes to mugs. There are different materials and different capacities. Choosing the right cup and glass for every #coffee is very important.


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